March 29, 2019

IT Scraps Recycling

VIROGREEN is a well-known  IT Scrap recycling in Bangalore, dealing  with  old and discarded IT materials such as computers, monitors, printers, scanners, keyboards, mouse, cables, circuit boards, mobile phones, calculators, digital/video cameras, VCRs, DVD players, MP3, CD players, mobile phones and accessories.

Being one of the leading purchasers of range of IT scarp materials, we acquire scarp materials from the different set up sellers of Bangalore.

  • The electronic and digital sectors are very dynamic, generating frequent updates in technology. This is resulted in accumulation of large-scale obsolete and unused electronic waste in offices and factories since everyone prefers to use the latest available models and technology.
  • Due to lack information to the end user about the possibility of recycling, most of the companies end up storing huge amount of e-waste as junk.
  • This creates retarding effect on the economy apart from recyclable units whereas many non –renewable resources such as aluminium, steel, gold and silver remain unrecyclable.

With the advent of digital and android technology, hundreds of new electronic gadgets are coming up every day; each one is in race to beat the other in terms of technology, user-friendly and entertainment quotient. As more and more people prefer to regularly update their gadgets, has anyone ever thought about once those gadgets get unused or reach their end-of-life?

Being responsible citizens, it’s imperative for us to learn how to dispose of outdated electronics appliances in proper ways since ineffective disposal can create considerable health hazards and threat to the environment.

We Can Help You Manage Your E-Waste!

VIROGREEN is a professional IT scrap recycling in Bangalore can help you in proper and easy disposal of IT scarp materials and will guide you in detail how your electronic waste can be recycled.