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February 11, 2019

Plastic Recycle

Having named them generally as plastic, they are not so simple to be classified that way. After invention of polymers, they are in to public use at various dimensions.
Any goods that we handle either at domestic or commercial consists remarkable amount of plastics and due to its anti-degrade quality, it lives for long time.
It has become the need of the hour for the world to recycle plastics after a huge production of it. While the plastics are anti-degrade substance, the same time they are flexible to handle.


Environmental impact

Today, world thinks that the plastic waste is a threat to human life, because they pollute, water, land and air. The size of the plastic finished goods are huge as well as tiny, thereby creating big challenge to recycle them.


Our Strategy

  • We have installed a unique & cost effective plant to extract fuel from waste plastics.
  • It is a complete automatic plant with all necessary Control & Safety equipments
  • The input materials would be Plastics
  • The benefits presented by plastic to fuel (PTF) technologies are two-fold
  • Transforming non-recycled plastic into a valuable commodity and creating a reliable source of alternative energy from an abundant, no-cost feedstock and no land fill and dust are collected separately with less emission
  • We don’t use the PVC & PET plastics as they can’t be recycled into another form and which can only be transferred as raw material by handling the density parameters