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February 11, 2019

Data Erasure

The digital world of information mandates users to store data in rewritable media such as Solid state devices, magnetic devices.
But the computer algorithms that handle data will not erase complete data when deleting. If the storage media is intended to be used for another purpose it is necessary to erase completely before reusing them.

If data is not erased?

  • Identity theft
  • Information leaked
  • High value business secrets compromised

Our Solution

0% Data leakage
We at Ultrust believe that the information security is of high value and needs reliability for any Client when they choose their Data Disposal partner. We offer safe transport of the storage media to our plant and use latest proven algorithms to
erase data in case of reuse of media. We use hybrid mechanism to rewrite entire hard disk or SSD so that existing data is completely replaced.

Bulk Erasure and destruction

Our state-of-the art lab can handle bulk data erasure  making quicker turn-around to support MNCs requirements.

Double Verification

We verify the erasure of data by applying data recovery software and ensure no old data can be recovered partially or wholly.

Data Destruction

Data destruction is done for high value contents of the hard disk or other storage devices, where client needs to recycle the E-Waste. Professional destruction equipment is deployed for the data destruction process